Our services

Deaf Plus Adult Community (DPAC) is a program that offers a wide range of services. We support deafplus individuals in receiving the necessary training, education, and development to stay active and participate in their communities.

The center provides opportunities to meet each individual’s needs as outlined in their Individual Program Plan (IPP) and Individual Service Plan (ISP).

Our Core Services

Deaf Plus Adult Community (DPAC) is primarily deaf-centered day program with dedicated staff fluent in American Sign Language. Communication between consumers, teachers, and consultants, are all centered on the consumer’s personalized individual needs.

The DPAC classroom environment strives to embody a rich, flexible and diverse culture of communication. A critical component of consumer’s development is being immersed in a language-rich environment involving receptive and expressive communication requirements of participants, instructors, consumers, staff and volunteers.  Communication is critical for DPAC consumers, and their staff must be a good match for the consumer’s strengths and personal needs.

Adult Day Program

Our adult day program encourages the growth and development of our consumers by providing them with a safe, loving, and supportive environment.

Supported Employment Program

Our Supported Employment Program offers a variety of services that focus on matching an individual’s work skills, tolerance and abilities with the right job opportunity. 

Why Deaf Plus Adult Community is
the perfect place for deaf plus adults

Improve social and interpersonal skills

We provide a safe and respectful environment for deafplus adults to develop appropriate social skills in a variety of settings and learn to build relationships. Then they will be equipped with the appropriate social skills to stay active in their community.

We also work with adults with behavior challenges!

Self-advocacy practice

We believe each deafplus individual has the right to determine the daily activities they want to be involved. They learn to self-advocate and express their wants and needs in an appropriate manner.


Education is also for our deafplus individuals! We offer reading, writing, and basic math lessons in our center. There are also available continuing education opportunities in either a community college or Adult Education program.

Civic duty lessons

Since inclusion is a core value at DPAC, we teach the deafplus adults their rights and responsibilities as a member of a community.

Lessons include the responsibility of voting, volunteering, and caring for our environment. They are also free to join other community clubs, social, and volunteer organizations to exercise their right to participate.


We offer money management, computer, cooking, and gardening activities to train and level-up their skills. We also offer employment skills training and resources to find and maintain a job using community resources (resume review, interview practices, and job coaches).

Independent living skills

Activities are carefully planned to help each consumer to develop independent living skills. Examples include using the public transportation correctly, identifying oneself, dealing with emergency and safety issues, and knowing how to find resources and help.

Personal health, safety, and hygiene lessons

We believe success and acceptance in a community depends on an individual's presentation and communication skills. We work with our consumers to review and practice ideal hygiene and communication skills to present their best selves in different social settings.

Recreational and leisure activities

Our deafplus consumers are involved in the planning of their weekly recreational and leisure activities. We always encourage them to explore, satisfy their curiosity, and discover their interests.

Recreational activities include daily fitness and sports activities to promote their mind-body wellness. Opportunities for leisure activities include arts and performance courses and fun indoor and outdoor games.


We work with deafplus adults, families, and/or their case managers to arrange funded transportation to and from the center. We take our deafplus consumers to different activities and events outside our center by walking or using public and private transportation.

Daily Schedule

All year round we run a calendar of programs and activities specially designed to meet the diverse needs of our deafplus clients.