Dear Employers

Hire our deafplus adults and improve your company.

Our center aims to create a “win-win” partnership between our deaf adults with disabilities and their employers.

Our "Employment First" Values

“Employment First” is a movement that the Office of Disability Employment Policy (OEDP) introduced back in 2015 to help people with disabilities find real employment opportunities for equal pay. DPAC supports the “Employment First” initiative and believes that:


Everyone has employable strengths and can work in jobs well-matched to their interests and abilities with the right support.


People with disabilities are the experts about themselves and should play a leading role in the decisions about their lives.

Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Companies who hire people with disabilities will profit in many ways, including financially.

James's Success Story

James has been deaf and has a special ability since he was born. He attended California School for the Deaf in Berkeley and after graduation, he was employed as a custodian and was an expert at buffing floors in San Francisco for a long time. Once the business folded, he became unemployed for many years.

He was sad and felt lonely so he joined an art day program to fill his lonesome days. He continued on his passion for wanting to find work again. James was introduced to Deaf Plus Adult Community at the beginning of 2016 and flourished from being around other deaf peers and deaf staff members who could sign with him full time at the day program. His smile would light up a room with enthusiasm for learning new things. In August 2017, James expressed interest in being employed and was trained by Deaf Job Coaches who provided supported employment services including job readiness skills and interview preparation sessions, which landed him a job.

James was successfully employed at Cheese-E-Chuck in Newark as a janitor. He excelled and was recognized as the best employee of the year (2018-2019). He was then promoted and became a valuable Maintenance Worker on his team. With the closure during the pandemic, he is now happily employed with the Cheesecake Factory as a sous chef.

James’s life is not defined by his disability and age. He lives life just like anyone of us without a disability would live our life.


Deafplus adults bring value to your company in many ways.

Dedication and Loyalty

Our deafplus adults are committed to their jobs and stay with an employer for the long-term, reducing turnover rate and contributing to a more stable environment for employers.

Positive and Upbeat Attitudes

Because we are are careful to ensure the jobs are well-matched to our deafplus adults, they always come to work with a positive attitude. They boost workplace morale and foster camaraderie in the company.

Tailored Support

Our “Job Coach” won’t leave you hanging and fumbling around when you hire a new deafplus employee. Our Job Coach will provide 1:1 training and support for your employee at work.

We’ll also follow-up with you and your employee to ensure ongoing success.

Showcase Your Diversity & Inclusion Values

Hiring our deafplus adults sends the message that diversity and inclusion are important values of your company. Many prospective employees, including 68% of millennials*, prefer to work for a company that is diverse and inclusive.

*Survey by US Business Leadership Network

Win Over Customers

Win over your prospective customers when you show you actively hire and employ people with developmental disabilities.

A study has shown 92% of customers hold more favorable views toward companies that hired people with developmental disabilities. 87% would choose to do business with a company hiring people with developmental disabilities over ones that did not.

This will translate well to your bottom line.

Tax Benefits

Tax benefits to reduce your business tax liability open up when you hire our deafplus adults or people with disabilities.

Our Deafplus Adults
Are Ready to Work

For our deafplus adults, including those with developmental disabilities, a job is more than a paycheck to them – it shows they are valued in their workplaces.

They are also hard-workers, reliable, and will meet or exceed expectations – your model employees.

Our amazing full-time staff from our Supported Employment Program (SEP)* and Tailored Day Services (TDS)** program is on a mission to empower our deaf adults with disabilities (“deafplus”) to earn a competitive wage in meaningful employment, including the possibility of permanent employment.

We work with our deafplus members identify their strengths, interests and aptitudes, and help them to find jobs that match their ability. We have specialized, tailored curriculum and training programs for our deafplus adults to meet your employment needs and the job’s standards.

Our results show successful partnerships with a number of employers. These jobs our deafplus adults have found are not only rewarding, they also support our partners, community, and culture.

When you’re ready to hire one of our deafplus clients for a role or an internship, we’ll work together to discuss the expectations of the job and any training needed to perform well in the job.

*SEP is for deafplus adults wanting to be part of our day program (part or full-time) and work their jobs other hours.

**TDS is for deafplus adults using all fo their time searching for a job and maintaining that job.

Our Results in Numbers

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Will you join and be our next partner?

We are proud of our previous and current partners

who have employed our deafplus adults and support us, are you next?


Frequently asked Questions

Most accommodations cost nothing at all and job coaching time is free to the employer. Job coaching time is one of the most valuable resources an employer can provide to an employee with a disability, but it is offered at no cost to the employer. Job coaching is an arrangement in which a qualified person provides assistance and coaching on the job to help an employee do a specific task or learn a new skill.

Our Supported Employment Program (SEP) managers will work with you and your deafplus employees to communicate effectively and build a positive relationship. Please get in touch with us for more details.

That’s okay as well! We have deafplus adults wanting internships to “try out” the jobs for a period of time. Internships could lead to a full-time role if the opportunity opens up and you are happy with your deafplus employee’s performance.