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stories of lives changed

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit we began offering our services remotely. We were concerned that many of the individuals in the program would struggle with adapting to the change in services. Although for some that was the case, we have had a surprising response from so many others that are thriving with remote services. We quickly learned how essential it was to exhaust our efforts in keeping our program running despite adversity. 

When he first joined the program, he was very quiet and kept to himself. Often when staff asked him something he would not respond and would simply stare back. He would not participate in any group activities. Since switching to remote services we have seen such a colorful personality emerge. He is more responsive, motivated to learn new things, humorous, and competitive in group activities. He openly expresses his feelings and is more vocal about his interests and wishes. We have had the pleasure of seeing his infectious smile more than ever before!
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We have seen so much personal growth from him since offering remote services. This may be partly due to him having more one on one attention and being able to focus on his personal objectives. We were impressed at how fast he picked up on technology and ran with it. He has really improved his self-advocacy skills and is more confident in himself. During group sessions he asserts himself as leader and seeks out more leadership opportunities amongst his peers. He likes to learn about current events and enjoys discussions of such. He recognizes the need for physical activity while being sheltered and eagerly requests daily exercise sessions. He has a renewed desire to be healthy, informed, and recognized.
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To our surprise, technology was the motivating factor for her. Engaging virtually and with undivided attention from her staff, she eagerly awaits activities to do at home. She enjoys staying busy doing hands on activities and keeping her brain stimulated. She lights up when she successfully finishes an activity. She greatly enjoys science experiments and crafts. She also enjoys learning academically through online platforms rather than traditional means such as pen and paper.
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She really struggled with remote services in the beginning. She mostly used echolalia and after several months she is finally using expressive language. At the program she often hesitated to participate in group activities. During remote services she has blossomed. She enjoys receiving packages for self-guided activities and excitedly shares her arts and crafts projects with her staff. She has really benefited for the undivided attention she gets from staff during remote sessions.
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With the use of technology staff have been more able to maintain his attention longer since in person sometimes people being too close was uncomfortable and hard to focus. Now remotely he enjoys his own space and has moments of focus that lasts a long time. Since he is looking for a job, one activity was to teach him how to knot a tie on. Can you imagine the challenges of doing this through a 2D screen? With practice he finally succeeded and was so proud of his tie.
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