Our Story

In 2007, a small volunteer group launched the beginnings of Deaf Plus Adult Community

Deaf adults with additional disabilities and their families are a highly underserved, stigmatized group.

Many programs for the deaf do not always match their strengths and needs.

That’s why we’ve started a community for deaf adults with disabilities (“deafplus”).

What we do

Our services encourage the growth of our consumers by providing them with a safe, loving, and supportive environment. We provide opportunities for deafplus individuals to create new friendships and learn new skills.

Activities include art classes, job skills training, as well as social and cultural events. There are also many opportunities for our deafplus members to go out on supervised field trips to local tourist attractions such as museums or parks.

We meet each individual’s communication needs 100%. Communication is an integral part of our program, and we believe all members deserve to be understood.

mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure that all deafplus individuals and their families experience hope, love, respect, and support through full communication access in integrated communities.

Our Core Values


We value and practice all forms of communication to foster mutual understanding. Access to communication is a critical tool for ḃuilding human connections and community. We are committed to meeting each deafplus individual’s communication needs to help them to achieve theiṙ goals.


Our community is built on compassion and encouragement of our deafplus individuals. We embody a positivė spirit, and practice patience and support to guide them to build a sense of self and others.


At DPAC, we recognize ȧnd respect all aspects of identity. That means that we are inclusive of consumers, families, and the communities we touch. Inclusion is at the core of what DPAC stands for. We embrace and celebrate each individual’s unique identity by encouraging ways to connect the intersections of our diversity.


We provide an accessible environment for our deafplus adults to support their full participation in the community and achieve their highest level of independence. We worḳ hard to create opportunities through accessible educational programs, skills development, and community experiences matched to their goals. Ouṙ staff has full access to professional development opportunities to grow their knowledge and refine their skills to best serve our deafplus consumers.


We offer a unique support system for deafplus adults to build relatiȯnships and friendships with:

  • other deafplus adults
  • family members
  • Deaf community
  • other communities at-large

Our goal is to ensure our deafplus adults are included in all areas of society and feel a sense of belonging in their environments.


DPAC works to empower our deafplus adults using person-centered principles by focusing on their growth and development in their heart, mind, body, and spirit. We recognize and embrace the diverse needs and strengths of each deafplus individual. The ultimate goal is to help  deafplus adults becoṁe the best version of themselves.

Our Stats

Our Newark Facility​
1 + sq. ft.
Deafplus clients served​
1 +
DPAC staff members​
1 +
Estimated number of deafplus adults in California*

*Source from Gallaudet Research Institute
Our staff who are deaf and American Sign Language user
1 %
years since DPAC was founded
1 +


The Beginnings

Deaf Plus Adult Community (DPAC) was founded in 2007 by a small volunteer group of parents and professionals.

Early Years

Launched social activities for deafplus adults. More than 20 fun activities were planned, including BBQs, holiday parties, bowling, rock climbing, kayaking, and more. 70+ deafplus individuals attended at least one or more events.

The official start

In 2011, we applied for a grant from the Regional Center of the East Bay (RCEB) to create a day program for deafplus adults, including those who have developmental disabilities and behavioral issues. Thus, DPAC was officially born in 2013.

Our work never ends

DPAC also got its start under the Art, Research, and Curriculum Associates (ARC Associates).

ARC Associates has been an “incubator” for many programs working towards social and educational equality over the years.

Our facility

Our clean, spacious 3,000+ square foot facility is welcoming, accessible, and “deaf-friendly.”

Our large, open concept space lets everyone communicate with each other easily.

Lounge Space

For informal socialization between our community members.


Each staff and deafplus adult get their own lockers.

Designated Areas

We have areas for different activities to minimize distractions.

Computer Lab

For our low-vision deafplus clients.

Tactile Room

A separate room for our deaf-blind clients. We have tactile equipment (tactile markers and railings) tailored to their needs.

Behavioral Needs Room

A separate room for our clients with behavioral needs.

Lounge Space

A designated room for a place to rest or to change clothes.


We have a locked cabinet for medication and sharp utensils.


Our deafplus members grow vegetables and flowers in a container garden outside our door!